Do you have unwanted honey bees swarming in your yard or house?


Please do not kill them!

They just need a different location. Help us help honey bees by getting them out of your problem area and putting them back to work producing honey in a safe location! Horseshoe Point Honey provides a wonderful explanation of swarm removal.

If you live in Western Tidewater and need to have honey bees relocated, please contact Nansemond Beekeepers for help.  We have a coordinator who will contact one of our members to provide assistance.


Coordinator:      Victor Thornton
Phone:               757-320-7789        
Email:                This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Horseshoe Point Honey in Suffolk can also assist. 

Call: 757-255-0989, 757-560-3788, or 757-593-8639.


Honey bee swarms are anxious to find a site for their new home and they don't linger long in their journey.  For this reason one of the contacts above should be called as promptly as possible.

Swarms are usually removed for free; however, removal of established colonies from within structures normally requires a fee. David Mitchell is one our members who specializes in the removal of honey bees from attics and walls. Not only does he remove bees humanely, but he repairs any damage caused by the bees or the steps required to remove them.  

Call David at 757-617-2087 to discuss more complicated removals.