•  Honey Bee Nutrition

Jeff Hancock presented this topic at NBA's October meeting.  Areas covered were:

  • HB nutritional requirements
  • Impact of nutrition
  • Supplements and substitutes
  • Improving foraging areas

Highlights were the variable quality of pollen and the importance of vitellogenin. Jeff's slides are posted here.  References recommended by Jeff are posted here (active links in pdf file).



  • Package Bee Drone Trap

New beekeepers are, of course, anxious to get honey bees to start their first colonies.  Nucs provide the best options, but they are not really available in the Spring.  Purchasing packaged bees is a reasonable option, however, depending upon where the bees are reared, they can be a source of non-European honey bee aggressiveness.  This trait is genetic and can be carried by queens or drones, therefore either can be a source for importing this undesirable condition and contaminating the beeyard and surrounding community.  Bob Schwartz shows how to minimize this threat if you must start beekeeping with packaged bees.




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