Proposal for Initiation of a Nansemond Beekeepers Volunteer Rewards Program

As our new Events Coordinator, Roxanne Francis has developed a proposal to enhance partiicpation in NBA sponsored evetnts.  It includes a variety of activities that almost all members will find attractive. Please read the proposal at this link and expect discussion at future meetings.

Sales Announcements to Members

The Executive Committee had been requested to investigate the possibility of members advertising the availability of beekeeping materials.  The following policy has been established for members of NBA to announce beekeeping products and materials which they wish to sell to other members.  The current policy is found here

Educational Program Kit

An Educational Program Kit (EPK) has been developed that gathers together educational materials so NBA members can efficiently provide appealing and effective public presentations. The policy and description for its use are found here.


NBA members organized the Association around shared interests and have consequently established common goals.  To help facilitate our activities we have established Bylaws to guide our organizational conduct.  The current version of the Bylaws can be viewed here